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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by aussie, May 26, 2002.

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    sup all... I just bought a new Abit Siluro GeForce 3 Ti200 64Mb. It seems ok but not as big a difference over my old GeForce2 MX 32Mb as I had thought. Anyone have any opions on this card etc?

    And also I was wondering if image quality can differ between different GeForce 2 Ti200 cards. Say between ASUS, Gainward & ABIT for example. Or are they all basically the same.

    Thx for any help!!!
  2. Zer0_[X]

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    chipset vendors

    greetings fellow aussie...

    hmm what are you basing ur judgement on? like wat is are ur current system specs?

    They are basically the same, although there might be a minimal amount of performance difference or added stuff to the card like tv/out, tv/in etc... There is no image quality difference if they are all based upon the same chipset.
  3. dijital

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    well i love my ge3 ti-200 (hercules prophet iii). but i made a huge jump. i came up from a combo of matrox g200 for 2d and voodoo2 for 3d gaming.
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    I bought the same card from Abit about 2 weeks back but the 128 DDR MB version to replace my ATI 32MB Rage Fury Pro and i'm made up with it.

    I only play Half Life - Day of Defeat. B4 this card my Frame Rate Per secend was 15 now it's a solid 60. The game is so much more sharper, B4 I didn't get the chance to shoot anyone, by the time I had pressed my mouse button to fire the other guy had well shot me. Now i'm top of the score board all the time with my quick reactions.

    On Mad Onions 3D mark 2001SE B4 I was getting 700 now I get a result of 4200, thats with my P3 733 and 383 SD RAM.

    Definatly the best money I've spent on my computer lately:D

    Have you got the latest 28.32 Drivers, thats all I can think of

    GOOD LUCK and I hope you sort it out ;)
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    i'm using a gainward gef3 ti200/450 w/ 128 mb's ram .it's one the best cards i've owned.great graphics and speed w/ a lot of o/c
    options. gainward is known for their o/c options,or so i'm told.
    i'm using the 28.90 drvs at present w/ a madonion 2001 se score of of luck w/ your new card!:cool:
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    I have to disagree with what was said above about image quality not differing if the chipset is the same. One of the things that different manufactures don't do the same is use the same quality of filters that effect image quality/ I have a Gainward TI200 and am very pleased with it. Image quality is excellent and it over clocks to 240 core and 540 memory.
  7. WAM

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    Ive got the exact same card but i upgraded from a kyro2 chipset so i saw quite a big jump in speed and quality. Best to test on 3d mark 2000 and 2001 to compare scores.