GeForce 3 Ti 200 128MB DDR help people

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Genius, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. Genius

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    Okay I bought that GeForce 3 Ti 200 128 MB DDR memory clocked 175/400 i launched 3D Mark 2001 Se build 330 with Detonators WHQL 29.42 and v-sync off default 3D mark setting and I got 5480 result and I was mad cause I saw on guys who had the same specs as mr but a GeFroce 3 Ti 200 64MB with 7500+ results the hell is that!!!!!!!!!
    i also tried to overclock it to 200/500 and i got 5700 i pissed
    anyone help please
    my system
    Windows XP Professional
    ABIT BW7
    Intel P4@1600MHz256 SDRam PC133
    GeForce 3 Ti 200 128 MB DDR
  2. jvjb1983

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    Nevermind what is on the MadOnion site becasue none of those are anywhere close to any card I've ever seen.

    There were results there with PCI cards getting 5000 to 6000.
  3. Genius

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    Really??Man when I saw those big results I was sooo mad thanx alot here!!
  4. jvjb1983

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    Well when i went there and I noticed that everyone there was running old Pentiums and were beating me ledft right and center with worse cards then mine I knew something was wrong.
  5. Crucial

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    I'd have to disagree in part with jivjb1983, whilst he might be right about the scores on the web site, I still think you have a problem.

    I'v a smilar setup, AMD not P4, and 64Meg GC and not the 128 but even before I started tweaking and overcloking my GC I had a score of 6300.

    Here are the urls:


    Sadly, I can't help with what might be wrong, I'd be intrested to see your compair url none the less.
  6. FourDiceS

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    Make suer to compare with the resolution and bit - 16 or 32 -
  7. jvjb1983

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  8. aletank

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    I have a Abit Siluro Geforce 3TI200 128DDR , Here's my results
    for Mad Onion 3D Mark 2001SE, Default settings , 29.42 Driver

    Core Clock/Memory Clock

    175/400 - 4230
    200/460 - 4458
    215/480 - 4545

    I leave mine on 200/460, which I think is what a GeForce 3 is. I couldn't notice any difference in any games and my FPS is a solid 60 on all settings in Half Life - Day of Defeat, Which is the only game i play.

    Here's my system specs

    P3 733
    384 SD Ram PC 133
    Abit Siluro Geforce 3TI200 128DDR
    XP Home

    Maybe another 256 MB of Ram might help as XP does use a fair bit of RAM, My system uses about 110mb Idle.With RAM prices coming down it would be a good buy for you really.

    GOOD LUCK and let us know how u get on, I'd defo get more RAM though !!
  9. Syrus

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    i have the same card as u and the same drivers and i got 6000+, cant remember the exact number.
    and it works better if u have defaults on, like vsync on instead of off
  10. Genius

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    Thanx for the info so RAM??
    How much will the score increase if i overclock my P4 to 2 Gig + i get 256 Ram to it??
    or how much will it increase if i will only buy 256 Ram more??