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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Narcissus, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. Narcissus

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    I have my computer set up so i can play games on a large screen TV, everything is fine, Windows all games etc are displayed on the TV as i have it set to Clone, but when i try to play a video with windows media the video only apears on my monitor, tjhe actual windows media window is displayed on the TV, but its just blank where the video is supposed to be playing?

    Anyone know why this is happening?

    Thanx :)
  2. Mr. Ass

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    I experienced this same problem.. Heres what you do... If your running Windows Media Player 8 or 9 click tools, options, performance and under video acceleration lower it until it shows up on the screen. For some reasons DVDs wont show up on tv at all. If you want to use Media Player 6.4 you will have to lower the hardware acceleration in the display properties.

    I have the exact same setup.... I have S-Video out on my Geforce 4 and a S-Video to RCA converter in the video in on my vcr and rca audio cables also... pretty cool.. i can download movies off kazaa and copy them to vhs
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    Thanx I'll try that
  4. Mr. Ass

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    reply and tell me if it worked or not when u test it
  5. zyfos

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    If you can, try changing your TV to be the primary display when playing media files and see if that works. That's what I have to do for my ATI card.
  6. Mr. Ass

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    ya but if u do that ur computer screen cuts out and its a pain in the ass to change back because its harder to read the menus on the tv screen cuz the resolution is lower
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    Quantum, i never had that problem with my GeForce card. Usually if i would set my TV as the primary display to watch movies and stuff on it, i would be able to watch movies on the TV, but wouldn't be able to see the movie on the monitor.
  8. BonyTony

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    I posted a fix on this subject a while ago have a read HERE it may be of some help too.