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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by a dreams forever, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. a dreams forever

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    not sure where this goes in the forums.

    I have :
    P4 3ghz
    1 gig memory
    ati 1950
    windows vista

    games should run great with that video card. but instead they all take a huge dive in framerates. is this because vista just isn't that good for gaming yet? is there somethings I can do to fix these problems? should I just reinstall windows xp? heh.

    games that give me problems are :
    fear combat, half life 2, counter-strike source, rainbow6:vegas, basiclly every game I try on vista. my 2nd computer with an ati x1300 runs CS:S better than this one. (2nd comp has xp)

    anyways. is there a way I can fix all of this in vista? or do I have to re-install xp?
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    I was in the same boat, but I tried a couple of different solutions:

    1) Playing at a lower resolution (going from 1280x1024 --> 800x600 wasn't cool)
    2) I upgraded my RAM from 1 gig to 2 gigs (didn't see any noticeable gains in performance)
    3) Said, "to hell with that" and reinstalled XP SP2.

    I would recommend dual booting though, if you really like Vista. I kept it on my laptop, but I'm running XP SP2 on my tower. There is really no fix as Vista consumes so much resources on its own. With your current hardware you're destined to take a hit in performance when you compare Vista to XP.
  3. a dreams forever

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    Yah. I keep reading forums that say there is no fix. I might as well just reinstall.
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    I don't play Rainbow 6 but I am playing cs:s at 4x/8x filtering, the highest quality textures and I am getting typically between 50 and 140fps averages, depending on the map. Siege is still one of the worst coded one out there unfortunately :( My frame-rate drops outside in the back-yard.

    I am playing at 1920x1200 resolution.

    It seems there might be a different bottleneck in your setup someplace, primarily with the processor and the memory capacity. I would recommend no less than 2 GB for anyone using Vista to get a nice experience. Heck, I recommend 2 GB for anyone using XP as well :cool:

    Hope this helps.
  6. paNix3d

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    hehe, it seems that there is just no way around it, Vista at the moment just isnt ment for hardcore gamers, whos to say that it wont, but vista is still new.
    If you have a computer that you just want to game on, use xp, and thats perty much the bottom line.
    because even if the game works on vista, it will run better on xp
  7. Electronic Punk

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    I actually formatted the other week and installed Vista x64 wasn't too impressed with it being noticibly slower (really ms come on!) and went back to another copy of 32bit -

    seemed to be noticibly faster and crackle free playing all the games I could throw at it using my two year old system.

    COD2 was fine, Warcraft I assume would be fine altohugh I haven't played it for around 2 months, Counter-strike seemed to play better than ever before and I was having less problems with Quake Wars (most of the problems would seem to be beta related according to other feedback seen on their forums)

    I have had issues with Fear, but I haven't tried it since I reformatted, a recent NVIDIA driver update did let me play the expansion properly which was superb, but I did experience slowdowns apparently this is bizarrely related to usb mice drivers - logitech have alrady fixed it and it will be included in the next set point release, so I am looking forwrd to that one.

    STALKER I was having huge issues with, but I installed the 1.0000000003 patch and it was noticibly better (also most likely due to improvments in nvidias drivers since the first time I played it)

    C&C was fine.

    My two year old system is a single core CPU based system, so I am expecting good things when I finally can afford to upgrade to something newer.
  8. DwarfData

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    I'm running Vista 32bit on a recently upgraded machine - Intel 6420 Core 2 Duo & 4gb Mem (I know, Vista can only address 3gb :dead:) and my trusty old AGP Nvidia 6800 Ultra.

    The only games I've found so far that I have problems with, performance wise, are the Ghost Recon Advanced Warrior 1 & 2.

    Half-Life 2, Fear, Far-Cry & FSX are the main games I play with out a problem.
  9. KarlMathews

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  10. a dreams forever

    a dreams forever OSNN Addict

    Yah. I just got windows xp back and everything is fine. vista just eats up too much for the specs I have I guess. but every game I play is in high detail now with no problems. there were places where i was getting 20 fps on even half life 2 in vista. in xp, no lie, I get 80-120. so. *shrugs* ty everyone for the help/opinions.
  11. CriticalPoint

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    This is true, I'm rolling-back to XP again.. for the fourth time.. Condemned - Criminal Origins has packed-up on x86.. It's almost 2008, Geeze! :squareeye