Money sucking VAMPIRE!!

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by XtremeMorph, Jun 14, 2002.

  1. XtremeMorph

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    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Spend more than 4 hour yesterday try to download CS 1.5 update and no results!!

    First.. I go to CS site to download CS 1.5 full Mod. Than they redirect me to which first before I download need to register.. Fine.. I register..

    Than.. it bring you to a download server page showing how many user is downloading (which all is load of craP)

    So.. it advice you to pay up US$ 6.++ a month to have a dedicated download, else you can join the que (fake 1020 plus connection for 7 servers). Once you join the que.. it resets your waiting number every one hour!!! Damn those guys! *******@#!

    if don't let us download tell so.. waste so much time!!!

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  2. mbunny

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    go read their CS 1.5 mirrors page.

    plenty of free places to download it.

    btw... thats not a fake number of people waiting to download.... because of lack of knowledge, people just head straight over to fileplanet for the files.
  3. XtremeMorph

    XtremeMorph Guest

    I try 4 to 6 link provide the CS 1.5 download from the cs website and lead me no where..

    Try, before you comment :mad:
  4. Kr0m

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    Turtle Island
    Yeah, fileplanet went that way a while ago. If you're lucky you can get the files free without any hitch from them. Usually weeks after the program has been released. They supply a tonne of downloads, and they're popular. Bandwidth isn't free, so they need to charge people.
  5. AndyP

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  6. mbunny

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    Try before i comment......

    I downloaded HL 1110 and CS 1.5 with no delay.

    Could be because i'm in australia so different sleeping patterns and therefore me getting the files when i need it while the rest of the US are sleeping.

    I KNOW it works. You just chose the wrong links to click =P

    I used the singapore mirror btw
  7. Electronic Punk

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    I bought Gamespy Arcade over 2 years ago, and now they have just added the option to skip the queues and download the latest patches from within GSA - awesome..

    Tho me and andyp usually find a way of beating the CS queues, by beating the release...
  8. Darkwolf

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    Just wait for next few days.
  9. XtremeMorph

    XtremeMorph Guest

    hmm... since you have no problem... can you let us know the URL?
  10. XtremeMorph

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