Gamepad Dillemma

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by sammy5gs, Dec 27, 2003.

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    Alright... I have been chugging along with a Gravis Gamepad Pro (USB) for a few years now. I have been struggling with needing to upgrade, because even though I am partial to the 4-button controller, I would like force feedback, more control. With that said, I have tried some out there:

    1 - Gravis Eliminator Rumblepad - Did not like the design, and do not like the analog sticks on the top part of the pad. REturned it.

    2 - Sony PS2 Controller w/USB Adapter - Not bad actually. Benefit was I got the force feedback, although still maintaining the number of buttons my Gamepad Pro has. Only negative was that ugly ass adapter I got to hook up to my rig.

    3 - Logitech Wingman (wireless/rumblepad) - Did not like the 6-button control.

    4 - Microsoft Sidewinder - Nope. Hated it.

    5 - Belkins - Don't like the design.

    So that leaves me to my dillemma. I am so used to the Gravis GamePad Pro, but I want force feedback. I am also wanting to maintain the 4-button action, a la PS2. My gaming is primarily focuesed on sports (Madden, NBA, MVP), with GTA Vice City, Hitman 2, etc, etc. I don't do FPS (get dizzy, but that's for another day).

    Any thoughts/recommendations? I have began looking into those Saiteks with 4 buttons (although they have 2 extra buttons on the side making it look like 6-buttons), but I am wary of being disappointed again.

    I guess in a perfect world, I would like to get something that resembles a PS2 controller without the need for an adapter. Anywho, it may be a pipe dream, but I thought I would ask the masses.

    Also, for those that mention the Keyboard/Mouse setup, all respect, as I use those solely in AVP2, Warcraft III, Freedom Fighters, Max Payne 2, etc, etc. This post is strictly regarding gamepads, and what the opinions may be.
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    have u considered the Xbox controller?
  3. theevilsithlord

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    check out this - it sounds like what you're looking for. I'm not sure it has force feedback though.
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    can i ask what adapter you used for your ps2 controller, sammy? you said it was good, right? i want to get one. thanks.

    are you selling yours maybe?