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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by HaMmA, Jul 6, 2002.

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    Hi guys, i have a couple of games, including Warcraft 3, Deus Ex, Michael Schumacher Kart Racing, and others, that install cleanly, game menu comes up, lets you start playing, and then locks game and machine after anywhere between 10 secs-10 mins of starting gameplay.
    I'm running XP Pro-P3 700 @ 866 GForce 2 Ti 64 Mb DDR SB 128
    512 Mb RAM

    I have reset all defaults on vid card properties and tried different resolutions, but nothing helps:confused:
    The thing is it can happen after 2 secs, or 2 mins. And after reboot i get the error report that says

    "The Device Driver for Nvidia GF2 Ti could not complete a drawing operation, Windows XP suspects that this could be responsible for the system instability"
    Im also getting message about the file: 'nv4_disp' getting stuck in an infinite loop

  2. Hipster Doofus

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    Melbourne Australia
    Could be a heat problem.
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    thanks m8 but after it happens i can play something else and it runs fine
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    me too

    im having the same problem only after i installed and play Warcraft 3...and i have a new GeForce 4 Ti. I would really appreciate some help if anyone knows whats up.
  5. hey all, I have had similar problems with my GF2 mx400 and my VIA kt-133a mobo. I have figured out, that the only way for my system to run certain games, is to turn off 4x AGP, Fast Write, and up the AGP Aperture size to atleast half my System Ram. Try that guys... that all is edited in ur system's BIOS.
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    thankx mate..tried that but still same its gettin me down