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    Just out of interest. In Halflife, there is this indestructible person that walks around in a suit with a briefcase, that helps you and also works against you. He is sometimes called the G-Man. Does anyone know where he fits into the story?
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    hmm.. never heard of him b4. :)
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    Have you played the single player???? Have you beat the single player???? If you beat it you will know, but if you don't want to and want to know read on...

    He is this mystery guy in the game that appears in random spots, but in the end happens to be the guy in charge of covering the whole alien mishap up. In the last scene in the game he gives you the option to go to work for him since you were the one that fixed the alien mess. If you choose yes you will work for him you live. If not he teleports you to a room full of aliens with no weapons so you die.