Future of BitTorrent - Documentary

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Sports' started by canadian_divx, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. canadian_divx

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    I found this the other day and just watched it now and it is interesting, some good concepts of what is going to start to change in the TV world.


    From what I can tell it is legally free to download. If not then I am sorry and I can remove it easily or a mod can. But I just thought that this is something other people should see.
  2. Son Goku

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    Haven't taken a look at the documentary itself; but one general comment. One of the reasons that torrents (and mind you, with TV shows, we are in many cases talking about something that is freely transmitted over the air waves vs. something only available by DVD or other such medium) can at times be preferable is that people can watch the thing on their own time, and their own leasure. It's the same reason that recording TV shows (remember back to the VCR wars of the early 1980s) had a certain popularity to them, and same reason DVRs sell today.

    The thing the TV producers and whomever should understand, is that TV is not life itself, nor should one's life revolve around their schedule. It's meant as a form of entertainment, and people should be able to watch their favorite programs on their own time, and when they're schedules will permit. "I wanted to watch such and such" is not a valid reason to skip outa work one day.

    It is also why "On Demand", as it can be offered with cable COs and the like can also be a hit with many viewers...