funny problems with xp and games

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by vanguard-ace, Feb 22, 2002.

  1. vanguard-ace

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    im running xp
    p3 700
    geforce2 400mx

    ok when i go into games now for some unknown reason if i shoot sometimes in a game or click in a game menu it drops me back to the desktop. i click back in and its ok for a while. i have got the latest drivers for everything pretty much and its driving me crazy. it started about three weeks ago but i have not made any changes to my system i can remember.

    any ideas?

    the games most effected are serious sam 2 and ghost recon.

    ss2 is a bought copy so its not down to a game bug from bad d/l
  2. scriptasylum

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    Hmmm, does it just dump you to the desktop or does it automagically close the game? Either way, sounds like it may a sound card issue because it seems to happen on some sound event.

    Have you tried reinstalling the game(s)? Once I had a corrupt sound file in a game that caused my 98 machine to lock up. Don't know why or how it got corrupt, but it did. A reinstall of the game fixed it. I know it was the sound file because i tried to play the wav file outside the game, although it just wouldnt play instead of locking the PC.

    Have you tried rolling back the sound driver? What type of sound card do you have? Try going into your event log and see if it displays something related to your problem.
  3. eGoalter

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    hate to say it but here goes, lolol

    the geforce 2 mx cards are nothing but a huge headache, in xp.
    (not sure about geforce 4 mx). if your using new nividia drivers.
    go get 21.85 and try them. what sound card are you using, update the drivers for your sound card. make sure your mobo bios is current.also if you did an upgrade from, 98, me. get that junk off and do a clean install, also, dont put any cards mainly your sound card, in the pci slot right below ur agp slot, as this will make you pull out your hair, until, and or if ms can sort out these cheesy acpi issues. just my 2 cents, hehe:p
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    My GeForce2 has been suprisingly stable, its one of the older 200s but I have never really had a problem with it, will be sad to see it go when I update - whenever that may be.
  5. vanguard-ace

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    sorry been away

    ok well my sound card is fine with xp as its compatible. ill try new driver if i can find one and see. i may just reinstall the whole lot and see what shakes out
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  7. the_music_man

    the_music_man aka prodj88 =P

    when i had the geforce 2 mx400 i used the 29 driver i believe and it proved to be most stable. btw i also had ap roblem similar to urs and it ended up being zonealarm interfrence
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    Bumping this tread why????

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