FTP + Router = god help me

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by NerdUprising, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. NerdUprising

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    using WS_FTP to connect to a server via FTP (dur). also have router... i stuck a screenshot in here of the menu in question, was hoping some networking god could help me figure this out

    i have all of the right things configured for server: username, password, host type, address, etc. now, when i look at the folder im trying to connect to through IE, i can see it etc. and it says "port 80" at the bottom... so I put "80" in the "remote port" section, that is all gravy

    now with my router, i open up my config, and open port 80 there to point to whatever computer I am sitting at's IP.

    now back to this screen... any idea what I should be putting in these fields? I've tried using info for remote server, ive tried info for the router (account name and password, and the port to open, etc)
    when i try to connect, it attempts (and does) connect to whatever server I placed in the top field of the "firewall" tab...

    if i put router address, it connects, then times out and says "could not connect to (router address)
    if i put remote server it connects, but then itimes out, and says "blocking call cancelled"

    someone, please help me, for the love of...things :eek:
    if i didnt include enough info for you to generate an answer... please, ask me... and I will spill it
  2. Admiral Michael

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    In your router forward port 80 (why not use 21) to the IP address if the computer with the FTP server. Now in WS_FTP under server put your WAN ip (Internet IP) if you want to connect locally, put the ip of the computer running the server here.

    FOr the image, you have it correct, but if your connecting to a ftp server thats local then skip this, its over the internet (maybe at work) then you need to ask you system admin for these settings.

    Hopwe this helps.
  3. Zedric

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    Admiral Michael: This is not an FTP server, it's a client.
    NerdUprising: That "Firewall" option is acctually about proxy. You don't have one of those. So in this case you're not using a "firewall".

    You shouldn't need to do any kind of configuration to the WS_FTP client except to make sure it's using a passive connection (PASV) instead of active (PORT).
  4. NerdUprising

    NerdUprising [ Method ]

    thank you, Admiral Michael, Zedric - got everything sorted out on the client-side now...

    when I talked to tech rep from my ISP about this, he said that it was possible too that they had not set my permissons yet... which now I think is the case, since it says that my password is wrong (...it is right, im positive) so now i have to call and complain again

    but once more, thank you for your advice, it was most useful :D