ftp problems in win xp professional

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by spiderjohn, Dec 12, 2001.

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    hey now,

    okay i'm using win xp professional and have a dsl using a usb speed touch dsl modem. just "upgraded" to windoze xp and have finally gotten everything working...except i'm experiencing ftp woes.

    fwiw, i download alot of music in shn format from shn servers. in 98se i used either crystal ftp or bulletproof ftp on this dsl line with no problem. now with xp, i'll download then all of a sudden my internet connection will drop, the modem icon on the tool bar will go from green to yellow, and i have to reboot to get going again. but then it drops the connection.

    i've run both crystal ftp and bulletproof in compatible mood with no luck. i'm not sure the problem is with xp but who knows. the modem works fine on everything else except ftp. i've updated all my modem drivers and what not. any help?


  2. existenz

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    have you tried cuteFTP or SmartFTP?
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    Why dont you try logging into the ftp server using DOS (or command prompt if you want to be a pedant!) All you do is the following, this will let you see if its a fault using win xp and ftp or a program issue and is also tells you important info like if you have changed the domain of your url then the login details might have changed (personal experienece talking....lol:) )

    open command prompt and type ftp =return
    type open ftp.???.com (whatever the ftp server is called)= return
    type in username =return
    type in password = return
    type dir = return
    to get a folder type get space filename.xxx
    to put a folder up type put filepath and name

    happy days

    if you still have probs make sure that if you are running a firewall then it is configured correctly... enjoy