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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by andyssak, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. andyssak

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    Hey, have a SMC router and i am using Serv-U for my ftp... now that i am behind a router my ftp wont work. I am new at using routers, although i started taking some cisco networking classes, i am haveing much difficulty with this task. Please give me suggestions.

  2. Brad

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    you should be able to open the port on the router that you want people to download from, enable port forwarding to a specified port on your computer and do it that way.

  3. andyssak

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    Ive tried forwarding port 21 to my IP but either i am doing it wrong or it just not working.....????!
  4. andyssak

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    can anybody else help???
  5. crono_logical

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    When you said you forwarded it to your IP, you did mean the (probably private) IP of the PC with the server running, and not the IP as seen on the internet?
  6. Adam S

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    u should forward port 20 and 21 to the ip of the machine u have serv-u on. not the IP from your isp, but the private your router gives u.

    if u r unsure what it is, go to start, run, and type "cmd" with no quotes.
    at the command prompt type "ipconfig" again with no quotes. it *should* give u the private ip of your machine