[FS]- Domains not needed....Cheap!

Discussion in 'Garage Sale' started by XPerties, Jun 11, 2003.

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    Im trying to get ride of them, as I dont have any use for them.

    Registered at Namecheap:

    1. msforums.net (Expires Thu 03/18/2004) $6.00
    2. sexmind.com (Expires Mon 05/03/2004) $6.00
    3. softmotel.com (Expires Sun 04/11/2004) $6.00
    4. swapforums.com (Expires 2Wed 02/11/2004) $8.00 Payment pending

      Registered at Enom:
      1. overclockpc.com (Expires 6/2/2004 ) $10.00
      2. tutorialheaven.com (Expires 1/19/2004) $6.00


        Id like to get at least 6 bucks for each, but no offer is turned away so offer away.

        Swapforums is currently $8.00 right now from this FORUM so if you wanted that domain you wouold have to bid higher...(ex. $9.00)

        All other domains are at the low price of $6.00 except overclockpc.com which I'm asking $10 for.

        Payment made VIA paypal to sales@emaxhosting.com

        Domains pushed to namecheap account for free.
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    rstryker takes overclockpc.com for $10

    Payment not made, Still pending

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  3. XPerties

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    rstryker backed out of the deal

    overclockpc.com is still for sale