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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by saulbadguy, Jul 4, 2002.

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    I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Im using WinXP Pro with a Lite-on 40x/12x/48x burner, and trying to rip cd's. Should it take 10 minutes to rip a CD? Im using Exact audio copy, I upgraded to the latest aspi drivers with the link from this page..something im forgetting??
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    Have you tried CDEX? It is a great little program that rips CDs very quickly and easily. If possible, try that or you can also try MusicMatch. Both are very good. I can rip a CD in about 3-4 minutes even with my 24/10/40 Sony CD-RW drive. You would probably be able to rip your discs in about the same time range. With these two programs, you would have straight cd->mp3 conversion, which doesn't take long, whatsoever. Both are great for all of your audio extraction needs. Plus, the new version of MusicMatch also lets you rip MP3Pro files, which are half the size of normal MP3s, but take sound just as good. :D
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    find the cdrw in device manager and make sure dma mode is enabled.
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    IT can definitely take that long with EAC. The secure ripping engine reads each sector twice to ensure and "exact" copy. You could turn secure ripping off, but then you will take a chance that the quality is not as good. As I see it, it is worth it to take a little longer to ensure the best quality rip.

    BTW, make sure that C2 is not enabled.