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    i have built a new system and can't get the 2 front usb ports to work, it says it don't reconize them. i have put in a new mob SYNTAX K7SV266A CHIPSET VIA KT266A&8235. i hooked the front two ports up on mainboard to the usb3 pins correctly, but can't seem to get them to work. can anyone tell me if this board accepts the 2 front usb ports?

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    Things to check:

    -Are the USB 2.0 MB drivers installed?
    -Are all of the USB PORTS turned on in BIOS? or are MB jumpers required?
    -Does the MB support front & rear USB ports both enabled at the same time? (probably, read the MB manual)
    -Are you positive you have all the pins connected right on the MB header? There is no standard for this and your case may not match your MB. This may require moving wires around on the plug if it is a fixed 4 pin wide one. The newer cases have four individual pins you plug into the header seperately.

    Here's the manual and software link in case you lost them:

    USB3 header is the same as on my MB. Make sure you get the pins right. reversing vcc and other pins can damage the MB or usb device.
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