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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by DSS_007, Jan 14, 2002.

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    I started buying new hardware 7 months ago knowing I would be loading XP and I wanted everything to be compatible. Just when I was so excited hearing from everyone on this forum how good XP was I was finally ready to build my new system. I get my new XP Pro cd and start loading. Fresh load, new 80 gb seagate barracuda IV, yes I just can't wait! To make a long story short and 13 reformats and reloads later I have finally finished.

    Intermitent problems, corrupt data, blue screens of death, agh! I could not figure out what was wrong. Tried different hard drives, configurations, nothing worked. It turned out it all boiled down to my NEW ROUND IDE CABLES. The minute I replaced the with the old fashioned ribbon cables everything went and has been smooth sailing since. I am sorry for the length of the post but for all you newbies out there just some simple advice, when all else fails it just might be a bad ide cable! Thanks to all on this forum who have shared there knowledge to make our XP-erience a lot better.
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    That is the reason Voodoo Computers doesn't use round IDE cables.
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    round??? never hear of round eide cable except for heat? You sure you dont mean 80 wire vs. 40 wire?

    let us know... thanks!
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    thanks for letting us know.... as i was just about to order some ..... they do allow better cooling , but i think i will stick to my normal cables now



  5. UniSol

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    Wierd, round ones are much easier to move and place that those horrid grey sheets :D

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    I'll take my chances. My Athlon is still a bit too toasty for my likes.
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    I think I just got a bad pair of cables. I just wanted people to be aware that if you have problems which cannot be explained try swapping out your ide cables with new ones. I have heard that over time ide cables can deteriorate, but these were brand new 80 wire round ones.;)
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    cool thanks for showing that picture of the round eide cables. I have never seen those before. Now I know! Thanks!
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    Soon gonna buy 2 ata100 cables + 1 floppy, transparent. I think they are really worth the dough, mainly because of the look inside the case. Lower temperature I only take as a bonus:D