Fresh Diagnose v3.00 XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DrX, Jan 13, 2002.

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    Thanks a lot for the link guys, brilliant!!!!:D
  3. Dennis T

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    Brilliant little proggy... and FREE...get it now!

    Dennis T

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    Your right there Dennis T

    I have used a lot of programs for benchmarking and diagnoses and this is the best

    I love this site more and more eachday :D
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    in response to do you change things with this far as i can tell you can only see your computer did you change your system bus speed?
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    I think he just used it to tune up .....

    like adjust stuff then run another benchmark ...

    thats what i have been doing

  7. Bubbabyte

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    i didnt' see any sign of front side bus speed on there anywhere........cause i would like to tune mine up also.........but i seen no sign of it anywhere on fresh diagnose.......can someone assist me in what YOU are doing that I can do also.....

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    adjust the frontside bus with the jumpers on the mobo or in the bios with jumperless mobo