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    Some friend's of mine are in a band called Backdoor Jesus and they've given me permission to freely distribute their music. At this time, they only have one disc, a 7 song demo. I wouldn't even know how to begin categorizing this album, but it is along the lines of electronic rock, some of it is heavy, some of it is more mellow.

    Anyway, the album is posted on my ftp site @ *Removed*

    Note: ftp will be up all weekend and most likely the better part of the week. If you're having trouble accessing it, make sure passive mode is off. If you miss out but are interested in checking the band out, PM me and we can work it out.

    The band is from St. Charles, MO (just outside of St. Louis) and have been around in various different forms since about 1994. Their last project was Digital Hitmen, but the band split as the result of a little controversy with the lead guitarist. The primary members of the band are Mr. Wilson [Brian Woods] (recording, mixing, keys, samples), Tim Kroeger (guitar, vox, keys) and Chris Speciale (guitar, bass, vox). Also appearing on this album are Rodney Cornett (keys) and Daryl Mumford (guitar, keys, vox). All lyrics are by Chris and Tim. There is currently no website for the band, but Tim and Mr. Wilson have also posted a few mp3s here. Two of the tracks listed are availabe on ftp under Backdoor Jesus, Low Jack is the only different track available, which was recorded exclusively by Tim and Mr. Wilson.

    Enjoy! and if you like what you hear, feel free to share it.

    Note: Track 1, Sleepwalker is an unfinished version (missing 3rd verse and the song just kind of stops). The completed track should be available soon.
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    Almost forgot, I got a slow DSL connection, so max upload is 13k.
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    Since there were no access attempts from this login over the weekend, this FTP login has been disabled. Anyone who's interested can message me for alternate login info.
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    I'm late is responding. Any chance I check out the band? I'm from St Louis! Well actually O'Fallon, IL. You'll have to keep me posted on them and their performace. I make trips to St Louis every now and then. Will have to check them out when I go back. :D