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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by slimjimer, May 11, 2002.

  1. slimjimer

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    Well I have some cool icons I would like to use but im not sure what to do with them. Is there a free program out there that i can change icons on my desktop with and where can I download it? I would also appreciate if you go give me a link for some good high quality icon sites. Thanks!
  2. AndyP

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    If you just wanna change the "normal" desktop program icons, just right-click them and choose properties, change icon and point to your new icon. For "My computer", "Trashcan" etc. right click desktop, properties, choose the desktop tab, customize desktop and change the icons there.
    If you want to change the normal folder icons, right click the folder you want to change, choose properties, click the customize tab and click on the "change icon" button.
    For other system icons you need Microangelo or similar program to make it easy but perhaps someone here know of a free substitute.
  3. pothitos

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    or u can just resouce hack the program and system .dll's
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    OR try ActivIcons .. an EXCELLENT prog that I use too...;)