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    My brother wants to buy a new case and he wants one that looks like a Fragbox ( )
    or if he can buy the same Fragbox (and the power supply) in that page ^ without having to buy the whole thing with cpu and everything. Also, he has an Asus A7N8X Deluxe and wants to know if it will fit inside the case. I've been searching for a while but can't find it or anything that looks like it. Anyone know a good page that sells cases like this and if you can fit an Asus A7N8X Deluxe in it?
    He also likes the new Alienware cases ( ) even more then the Fragbox, but I don't think they sell just the cases of that.
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    uhh... no, the A7N8X WON'T fit in that case. that's an SFF (small form factor) case and motherboard, which is about a quarter the size of a standard ATX motherboard. if you think about it, in that fragbox pic, the A7N8X (an atx mobo) is larger than that 15" lcd monitor. there's no hope of it fitting in the case.

    sff pc's are sold barebones-style (with case, power supply, mobo, custom heatsink). shuttle was the forefather of sff pc's. they call them xpc's. they have an nforce2 model, the SN45G...


    it gets great reviews. they have xpc's based on all sorts of chipsets, so look around on their site. there are other manufacturer's of sff pc's, but i can't think of any off the top of my head. other people should be along to point them out.
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    That one looks sweet, I think he'll like it. Do you know if either a GeForce Ti4800 or a GeforceFX 5900 would fit in it and could the power supply handle it? (I only see 200w PS) thanks
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    the fx 5900 may be a tighter squeeze than ati cards because of their length but the 4800 is shorter so probably a nice fit...

    most reviews I have seen had an ati 9800pro inside and it runs fine on the psu.. however if you stick a cpu up around the 3.0c range... you can expect to see some issues with that psu if you start attaching other components such as large hdd/atapi and so on...

    you can buy sff mobo's right now btw so its possibly you can enjoy your smaller case...

    if money is no object invest in the new shuttle anniversary edition black case... looks like what taurus posted cept it has lovely black accents..

    the only 'problem' is its for intel canterwood based setups... :)

    i like the little mesh on the side personally and the mirror finish :)

    btw you can get it with carrying case and all.. its a decent solution...


    btw the little antennae you see @ the back is for the built in wireless lan :D
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    Not to mention the gargantuan heatsink/fan! :p