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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Mainframeguy, Dec 19, 2003.

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    :eek: Looks like I made a mistake - opted for Roxio WinonCD DVD edition expecting to be able to format DVD's in my BTC DVD R/W for drag and drop like I can with CD's - but it fails to work.

    I know everyone here is likely to be very down on DirectCD and probably Roxio - but I kinda went for it because I believe it's the one built into XP.

    I've tried the service pack from Roxio - no help (I'm on Version 6 of WinonCD which come with of DirectCD).

    Anyway I searched the forums - seems there may be some folks persisting with DirectCD and I would kinda like to use it for the simplicity of drag and dropping.

    Before anyone says, yes I do have Nero too. And I know there are perhaps issues of sharing, but I never try to use both at once and do not seem to have had any problems generally.

    Any help or advice much appreciated.
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    Unfortunately Direct CD from ecdc 5 has software conflict issues as has version 6 which has the Drag to disc equivalent.
    Thats why there have been so many updates for version 5..... in fact you have the latest one issued.
    This state of affairs has continued into Version 6 which has been updated very regularly since about March 03.
    I have not so far pinpointed the exact conflict on version 6 for drag and drop ,but rebooting or using immediately on boot up seems to work.
    The rest of the suite works 100% all the time.on verson 5 and 6
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    Hi m8
    I use ver. 6 and have no problems with my Sony DVD burner with rw disks.

    If you download the patches, You MUST do the engine first otherwise you will have problems.