Foriegn Fonts ?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ninja geezer, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. ninja geezer

    ninja geezer Guest

    hi everyone my xp is running just fine but !
    can someone please tell me why on print preview on wordpad ,word ect > the words at the top are in a foriegn language japanese or chinese i think ? how can i get rid of them ?
    i think this came about one day i was asked if i wanted to install some chinese or something when on the net by internet explorer now i cannot get rid of them.
  2. MrFred

    MrFred Guest

    This May sound silly but have you checked?
    Control Panel
    Add or Remove Programs
    to see if there is anything in there.
  3. jbondsr

    jbondsr Guest

    I got caught with the same thing. I uninstalled something that said something about a language download. It still changes my menus fonts to what looks Thai and I have to restart XP.
    its driving me crazy.
  4. Octopus

    Octopus Moderator

    go to Regional and language settings in the control panel