[For Sale UK] Optical Mouse

Discussion in 'Garage Sale' started by forcer, May 14, 2004.

  1. forcer

    forcer OSNN Senior Addict

    for sale...

    Optical Mouse
    5 buttons(left button, right button, mousewheel button, bottom left and bottom right buttons used for going forwards & backwards when browsing n doing various other tasks)
    + Mouse Wheel.

    Its in perfect working order and connects to the standard mouse port.

    Its silver main silver and part of the side is grey, the back end of the mouse has a red light which lights up, the bottom is also red clear plastic which lights up in movement.

    Problems: non at all! some of the silver paint is starting to wear away but it works 100% perfect.

    does not come with the box

    Perfect to replace a standard mouse because the lazer ensures smooth movement throughout without needing to clean the mouse ball and sliders.

    Reason for sale: ordered a new mouse and when it arrives it wont be used again so might aswell sell it on.

    i dont want much for it jus few £ plus p+p

    any1 want it make an offer
  2. ZeroHour

    ZeroHour ho3 ho3 ho3

    what make and model?
  3. Lee

    Lee OSNN Proxy

    Got two, I bought both 4 and a bit years ago, microsoft optical wheel. Paid £20 for both, one still boxed as the one I got still works, dam good buy it was.
  4. forcer

    forcer OSNN Senior Addict

    yeah what Lee said.

    very nice mouse! ordered a logitech MX700 or wotever they are, so i wont be needing this one... any takers