[For Sale: UK] iBook 12" 800MHz G4

Discussion in 'Garage Sale' started by sean.ferguson, Dec 15, 2004.

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  1. sean.ferguson

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    Fife; Scotland
    I have my current iBook G4 for sale to those on the UK Mainland. Here are the details:
    • iBook 12"
    • G4 800MHz Processor
    • 640MB of DDR Apple Ram
    • 40GB Ultra-ATA
    • Combi Drive (CDRW/DVD)
    • Bluetooth Module
    • Airport Extreme (802.11g)
    • 56k Modem (rj-11) and 10/100 Fast Ethernet (rj-45)
    • 2x USB 2.0
    • Firewire 400
    • ADC
    • AC Adaptor with expansion cable
    • Modem Cable
    • ADC to VGA Convertor
    • Original Documentation
    • Original Invoices and Delivery Notes
    • Original Packaging
    • Official OS X "Panther" Installation Discs
    • Official Software Restore Discs
    • Official iLife '04 Installation Discs
    • Hardware Test Disc
    • Airport Extreme Installation Disc (not really required but was packaged with my airport card)
    • Official Ubuntu PowerPC Installation (extra)
    Looking at the invoices it was shipped on the 6th of January 2004. I think thats about it , im looking for £720 which includes the delivery to UK Mainland via Special Royal Mail Delivery with £800 insurance and Guarenteed Next Day Delivery.

    I am not accepting paypal payments. Cheques are accepted (if you have another suggestion of payment let me know), with a cheque the iBook will stay in my hands until the payment has cleared and is accessible to me. This can vary from 2-5 working days depending on the banks. On clearance the iBook will be dispatched.

    I will keep in constant email contact with the buyer (by AIM also if (s)he wishes), proof of dispatch will be emailed (i.e. The Reciept of delivery, which will include the date). I am paying for Next Day Special Delivery with delivery before 12noon.

    There is a gallery here with the pictures of all that is included, my original sale post can be found here from a few hours ago. If you have any questions you can either contact me using this form, on AIM... my handle is "thekoreuk" or via PM here at osnn.

    Thanks for your intrest. :)
  2. wind3D

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  3. sean.ferguson

    sean.ferguson Moderator Folding Team

    Fife; Scotland
    Its Sold, can someone please close this now. Thanks :)
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    Midlands, England
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