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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Catalysm, Apr 26, 2002.

  1. Catalysm

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    Has anyone tried the drivers from them dated 4/16/2002?

    Link to it is:

    Based on the Nvidia 28.32 drivers, just curious what are different about these than the reference drivers from Nvidia. Using them right now, and they seem to be the same as the OLD 28.32 by Nvidia released. Haven't benchmarked any results or anything and the tab's are the same too. Only difference is my card is now called Winfast A250 instead of Geforce 4 Ti4400.

  2. npfanz

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    I have a leadtek card and every time I try to use their drivers something goes terribly wrong. I don't know what the compatibility problem is but since the normal nvidia drivers work fine I'm done with leadtek. I like the product (geforce3 ti200 64mb), but their tech support is terrible. After emailing them I got a response 2 days later, and I strongly doubt that the technician spoke English.

    Stick with nvidia!
  3. Catalysm

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    I would stick with Nvidia if I could, but with these new drivers just released (WHQL certified) and people facing a few problems with it, I rather not risk it. :p

    Though if Nvidia did release a whole new driver release, I'll definetely try it out.

    Not to mention, I'm having no problems with these drivers, so going to stick with my guns and not play around with them :)
  4. stuy_b

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    I've got an acient Leadtek GF2 Pro 64mb, I'm currently using the 23.11s because with the Leadtek drivers I could never set the refresh rate not even with the reffixx program :(

    I doubt these new drivers will of fixed that, plus I very much doubt it will improve my card anyway as its old. For a GF3 or GF4 I'm sure it updates alot.

    I could be wrong.. if any1 has GF2 Pro and noticed big improvement let me know!!