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    Is there any way to disable XP from making those annoying 'My <whatever>' -folders into 'My Computer'? They seem to be generated every now and then after I delete them, and there seems no logic whatsoever why those folders appear. (my music even if i don't play any, my ebooks even if i don't have any...)

    Whoever invented that 'nice' feature, should be shot.
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    Click start, in run type explorer.exe then ok.

    You will see a list of the folders mentioned, just right click em and re-name em to whatever you like.
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    I saw one yesterday too, tho I haven't tested it myself. This is from this months PC Pro magazine,

    regsvr32 /u mydocs.dll then you can get rid of my pictures, my ebooks,etc. However, my vidoes and my music will still reappear if you run wmp10, to change it in that you need to go to the library tab and the monitor folders buttom. Delete the folders that it monitors (as it actually creates em) or change em to where you really keep your music and you should be set.

    I can't add more details as I simply haven't tested this yet.
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    Didn't realise you wanted to delete em.