Folder view settings.....Please help me!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Jason Roberts, Dec 26, 2002.

  1. Hi all! Did ya have a good xmas?

    I am currently having a problem with my installation of Windows XP Home Edition.

    XP keeps playing around changing my folder view settings which also changes the views as well.

    This is driving me nuts. Attached is the pic of the root of my J drive which is my Temp drive.

    See, My Pictures? in the root of one of my drive...??? how come!??? I did not change anything...I just used XP default view...but this one is not default, I should see a plain folder, not a My Picture view settings.

    This is not my only folder misbehaving...I have tonnes of other folders that changes its own view settings.

    If anyone asks me to do a clean reinstallation...I have on a couple occisaions!

    If anyone asks me to reset the folder view settings, I have...but this deverts back to its own favourite look!

    Thanks everyone in advance...will be happy to take the rountine you give me! :D:D:D
  2. Leo154

    Leo154 Guest

    I think this is normal.. when xp detects pictures or music or videos it puts the right setting?? but wierd it should keep changing back... try right clicking on the folder itself and change the folder type in the last tab
  3. I have tried that!! But it does not stop! :mad:
  4. Leo154

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    okay... m8 i can feel your rage all the way here... and i'm in cairo!

    This time i think i have it.... go to ^Tools >> Folder Options... in the second tab scroll down to remember each folders view settings... make sure its ticked...

    Please do tell what happened
  5. yoyo

    yoyo _________________

    This may help:

    Backup these RegKeys just in case.
    Now after you have backed them up, delete them from the registry. Restart windows to take effect.
    This resets everything to the default. Now you can change each folder and the setting will stay (at least for a while).
    It seems that by default XP remembers only 400 folder settings. You can increase this number by adding a D-Word called BagMRU Size with the value 000003e8 (or decimal 1000) to these registry keys
  6. Yes it is ticked
  7. Thanks for your assistance...

    I will see how if XP behaves now...

    Will give feedback on how it goes.
  8. Leo154

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    huh? what happened??
  9. It seem to be working after trying yoyo's solution! Thanks Yoyo.

    Damn! I checked how many folders I had! I had like 5000 folders so, I increased your suggested number from 1000 to 10000. No problems!

    After a week...I will post again with another feedback.:D
  10. Leo154

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    So.. so you mean i didnt help?? for the first time i thought i had helped.... :(

  11. You did, Leo. But your solutions has been done before, but the problem persists so I am trying yoyo's solution.
  12. Leo154

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    okay.. i was joking