Floppy problem!!!!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by renakuajo, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. renakuajo

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    few days back i need to use my floppy, so i activate it ( i disable it in the bios few months ago) the thing when i try to boot from it it gave this error:

    Disk failure
    I/O error
    Replace disk, try again....

    Any ideas????
  2. NetRyder

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    Did you use the XP format utility to create an MS-DOS startup disk?
    The same thing happened when I tried it once ... later realized it was a problem with the floppy itself (bad sectors probably)

    Just use a new floppy, create a MS-DOS startup disk with the XP format utility and it should work.
    Worked for me ... hopefully it works for U 2! :)
  3. iowaboy

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    more than likely you will have to replace the floppy drive
  4. Taurus

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    it's easy to have the floppy ribbon cable flipped upside down. try removing it from the drive, turning it over, and putting it back in.

    i've had the same problem a couple times with different comps.
  5. Dick Johnson

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    Floppy Drive

    Just a quick note about floppy ribbons. If the ribbon is backwards the access light on the floppy will be on all the time without a disk installed. I know I've done this too many times. Dickhead
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  7. renakuajo

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    Ok, thanks for your tips. I know the tip of the ribbons so thats not the problem.....I'm using or try to use a ME startup disk and a W98 startup disk, none of the 2 works get the same error each time i tried. So i think the problem is what iowaboy said: "more than likely you will have to replace the floppy drive".

    So i desactivate again the floppy adn hope it burn in hell :D

    I aint gonna buy a new floppy i better make the starup disk in a cd or a zip , anyway thatnks for the help and tips