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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tastingw, Jan 4, 2002.

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    There are two questions I need to ask
    The first is about my floppydisk

    Every time when I boot my computer en log in to XP Prof. it;s checking my floppydisk. Does anybody have the same problem or does anybody have the solution.

    My second question is about the windows

    When opening for example my d: drive I miss the the statusbar underneath the window, under 98 it displays for example size. I thougt I had seen it but if so now it's gone. Does anyone know how to solve this


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    I belive most bios's have an option of don't report FDD in windows or something to that effect, look through your bios and then you can change the setting to stop it from checking the floppy every boot, also sometimes if you have norton AV installed it does this as a virus check

    As for the bar that says size and such I'm not 100% sure to what you are referring but if you look on the left hand side of your window there will be boxes with arrow icons and one of them has the drive details and will tell you total space, free space, and used space

    hope this helps some
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    what about the floppy, I use NAV so that can be the problem.

    Thnx for that

    What about the the bar. It's like the bar in IE on the bottom when you press an link you can see where that link goes to. So what you suggesting ( the bar on the left site ) I already know that.

    But thnx anyway !!! :)