Flight Plan [Movie review]

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    OK so - while the crash was being dealt with I found the site was making me a little sea sick and then got an email letting me know what was on at the local movies - so I went to see Flight Plan.

    On my return, in IRC....
    mainframeguy would a green room review of something new be good?
    mainframeguy Flight Plan
    ElementalDragon any good?
    ElementalDragon seems like a good movie
    mainframeguy I had actually posted a couple of reviews lately - they will be gone now
    mainframeguy yes - it's good
    Henyman do it
    * mainframeguy sets to it
    so here we are and I for one am all with the "move on and get posting" philosophy so rather than add to the another crash thread here I am making a review.

    If you are scared of flying this is probably not a great movie to see. But do not make the mistake of thinking this is a disaster movie - it is not like that at all. I would have to say that I highly rate Jodie Foster as an actress, btu this is not one of her best. Having said that Sean Bean does a real good job of playing a pilot and captain of the plane just how you would expect one to be.

    What is great about this movie is how it keeps you guessing right until everything is set up to be interesting and then it just kicks into regular thriller gear. No special effects or anything, but there are some nice touches in the realm of avionics - i am no expert but I would love to know if this is realistic (I can just about believe it is, with the new airbus under construction and all).

    No spoilers here - the movie does not warrant them, but if you just want a movie that grabs your attention in a quite regular way and passes the time then this is good. If you wanted deep drama or intense special effects or a superb piece of plotting you probably chose the wrong one.

    Three OSNN stars from me. (That's out of five, right). :cool:
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    Another movie like "The Room" I take it. Everything set in 1 particular scene. :)