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    I have been haveing some really odd problems with filckering,When I say ficking I dont mean the kind of fickering that you get when your not runing at the right screen refresh rate,AS I am runing at 85hz now,And that is ok .But I get this problem where the screen starts to ficker like crazy with lines runing up and down it,Abit like some one is useing a drill but I know that it is not that because I have been on the computer at 3am and dont think any one is useing a drill at that time of the night ,Just to clean a point that its not out side of the computer that is doing it.

    I have 1.8a with 1G ram ,Geforce 4 spackle,Epox mother board ASDA+ sis 465. 400w power,Adatec 2940 uw card,128 sound card. 19 iiyama monitor,

    Just that this is driveing me crazy just like the filckering is going crazy.And funny thing is all so if i move the computer it starts and I can toch any part of the computer it starts,Like mosue keyboard what ever you can it will do it,I swaped cables + power cable and yet it still doing it..

    Any help or if any of you have the kind of thing please let me know...ASAP....
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    It could very well be your power supply. You may have a dirty wall socket or even a supply to your house. Get a Voltage Regulator and it'll help control spikes etc... (Heck... even if its not the power supply, getting one of these is just a good idea.)

    Of course it could very well be just your monitor... in which case... time for a new one bub =)