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    ok i need some help and inspiration

    I have a scene set up with button 1, button 2, button 3 etc and when these are clicked from main.swf they open up popup.swf at level_1, which has a close button with re-enable level_0 etc. Now what i want is when each button is clicked there is code that says open up popup.swf with 1.jpg, button 2 to open 2.jpg etc. I really need help with this, i presume something along the lines on openmovie("") or maybe some sort of varable thing. Im really stumped.

    Also would it be possible for "each" button to open the dynamic image in popup.swf and also be able to resize the swf so that the image is a different resolution and landscape/portrait etc

    examples, tutorials, ur help will be greatly recieved