First time webpage!?

Discussion in 'Web Design & Coding' started by Impulse4life, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. Impulse4life

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    Hey Guys

    I wanna make a web page from my own computer by using Frontpage. How do I go about doing this? :cool:
  2. Lee

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    I would firstly draw your intended page onto paper firstly. Go off and create a title, write down the text you want to add, links stuff like that.

    I would then goto c drive and create a folder and name it, something like website. Open this folder right click inside and create two further folders 1 named images the other audio, audio is not needed if you don't want sound.

    Open frontpage and click the little white piece of paper below file on tools bar, then you're off, plot your tables, cells and add content at your leisure.

    If you wish for more information, select some sites to read here

    When you save save html/htm to website directory and images to images folder inside website folder.

    GOOD LUCK :p
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  4. omg its nlm

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    Please use something other than Frontpage.
  5. Howling Wolf

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    Yes, almost anything (why not Notepad ?!) but Frontpage !...
  6. Geffy

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    personally I currently use (because I use FreeBSD as an OS so I cant really use Dreamweaver or GoLive) a text editor with syntax highlighting teamed with Firefox and the web developer plugin and use that to work out the CSS.

    XHTML tutorials and info
    CSS tutorials and info
  7. ShepsCrook

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    Ok, personally. Dreamweaver is the best. Well Frontpage is nice if you are just learning this stuff. But like what was mentioned before, you should create the folders organized as something like website/ and then 2 sub folders, I usually do images/ and pages/ as audio is only something if you want sound, and usually it's pointless. You can always use Adobe Photoshop to create the design for your website, and then use the slice tool and put that into your pages that you've made.

    Paint Shop Pro will work for that as well.
  8. Lee

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  9. j79zlr

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    whomever designed, implemented the "slice tool" should be shot.

    HTML is not hard to do with notepad, honestly, seriously.
  10. Impulse4life

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    Well, frontpage is easy, quick, nice & simple... thats the only reason!

    And I will fix my signaturevery soon... sorry about that I wasnt aware.
  11. Geffy

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    I usually have the following style of folder layout

    / <- web site root directory, usually named by the site name
    |- images <- where all the site images are kept in their jpg, gif or png format
    `- Originals <- where all the site images are kept in their application native format, psd and so on

    then depending on the project I might have a banners folder for link images and so on like that

    also impulse4life, change your sig its dimensions are currently in violation of the guidelines
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    IT's chaged now ppl, sorry but things dont happen instantly!

    Thanks for the help by the way!