first time overclocker, need help plz

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by toxicity, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. toxicity

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    Im thinking about overclocking my computer.
    Im running a P4 1.7Ghz
    And for a motherboard i have an Intel D845HV.

    also have the 3 standard fans (PSU, CPU, Video Card)

    got 2 hdd (140 Gb, a cdrw and a dvd-rom on it also.

    can anyone tell me anysites that can tell me how i can do this with my specs. also, is there any software you recommend i get to overclock. i alread have sandra. and i also looked on
  2. jumpy

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    That cpu probably won't overclock too well since it uses a willamette core which weren't known to be the best of overclockers, maybe 2ghz if you're lucky (see You also don't have a very good motherboard for overclocking, intel boards are famous for stable boards with a lack of overclocking features.

    See here -> for some more info :)
  3. Grymblayd

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    Don't even bother O'C'ing ...Unless you just want to of course !

    Grym ( and my brain can't process the difference anyway)blayd
  4. jumpy

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    Huh??? :confused:
  5. Grymblayd

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  6. SkazzyUK

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    Does it really need o/c'ing? I mean 1.7Ghz is good enough for most people, why not just buy a new CPU, cos you don't have any cooling yet part from the basics, so it will cost a you a lot in fans or watercooling etc, and you won't even get a very good o/c out of that CPU and mobo setup.

  7. toxicity

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    no, not watercooling. Fans are cheap. doesnt cost as much as you think. and i got connections to get computer parts cheap. any, was just wondering cause a friend of mine bought a 1.8Gghz and he o/c it to 2.7Ghz. just looking for a performance increase. dont know about you guys, but i notice differences.
  8. Zedric

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    2.7? But that wasn't just air cooled was it? Sounds more like water or sub-zero cooling to me.
  9. jumpy

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    It is quite possible that his friend reached 2.7ghz air cooling, and a little extra voltage. The newest 1.8's are some of the best overclockers around, thats what I'm building at the moment :)

    P4's are great overclockers and 1ghz overclocks are not uncommon on air.

    If it was a 1.6A or a 1.8A I would overclock it because they are northwoods, but the 1.7 willies are poor overclockers, you can give it a go though, lots of fun :)