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  1. hey while I was on the topic of ram and me building my first computer, does anybody got any tips for building it? Im not a complete newbie or anything I was just wondering if there was anything I should know. Thanks for the help on the ram to.
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    Always use artic silver compound on your heatsinks, it allows the heat to transfer to the heatsink quicker, much better than standard white gou.

    Use good quality cables for your CD-ROM & HDDs.. especially if your using ATA133.

    Try to future proof your PC as much as possible, like getting a case that has spare room for extra drives, or getting a good sized HDD like 40gb.

    Dont be blinded by peoples opinions on hardware or software.. get the general feeling from people , then try to find some reliable review source, like many of the magazines.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Hey thanks for the info
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    get a damm good monitor as i have yet to change it in over a year.......everything else i have is less than a year old....alwys upgrading:)

    started with a stock everything has been changed out only the floppy drive has
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    Remember cooling! Particularly if you are doing lots of gaming or high end vid-editing/graphics.

    The artic Silver is great I believe they have an AS II product now (?) Make sure to get plenty of room in the case for all of your hd's, cards, etc....but also be sure that it has plenty of open space so everything isn't jumbled together. I had a case that had a support that ran through the middle of it with a 3"x3" hole for all the cables and sucked...I cut out the support and now it cools better and looks better...

    my 2 cents

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    see u wont be upgrading monitors anytime soon:)....not like mobo, cpu, ram ,vidcard,soundcard,hdd,fans,hsf

    catch hasnt upgraded monitor in 4 yrs....very his mobo and cpu not that old:)