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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by cmgam, May 29, 2002.

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    I want to update my DVD (Hitachi GD 5000) and the firmware program to do so is a *.exe (I don't remember the name). I think I must run that program on DOS session. Is it right? If yes, how to do that om WIN XP (pro)?
    How to upgrade the firmware?

    Thanks in advance for your help/tips


  2. Zedric

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    Get a bootdisk ( is a good place to look, I suggest a Win98 boot disk) and put the file on it. Boot from the floppy and run the file. Voila!
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    Hi Zedric

    Thanks for your help.
    I found out that the *.exe program does a boot diskett with the firm ware flash in it. :)

    Thanks a lot

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    speaking bout updating firmware how would i find out about who makes my dvd drive and cdrw drive ? coz all i know is that the dvd is a ide 16x & the cdrw is a 24x10x40 this is all i know ive tried system info that dont tell me :confused: btw this is a shop bought ready made pc :( i know i know but i need to find out who makes them for the drivers also coz i want to make my dvd player reigion free :D also
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    static i tried it but it wont tell me who makes the drives it so i can update drivers n see if theres a firmware patch for it ...altho it give me a firm wareversion
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    yeah, any info you're going to find on your optical drives will be on the drive, itself. you'll most likely have to slide them out and look at the label on top.
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    Why don't you do a search with Google.
    I just did a search for 6HU.exe (that's my firmware version) and it brought me to the Acer homepage. :)