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    Hi again

    this is re my other post connection lag. It seems when I put my firewall on my connection box comes up in a flash. But when I do this I cannot get a connection. Is there anything I can do to either get a connection with firewall on. Or stop my computer doing security checks which I think it is doing when opening Internet or Outlook Express with firewall off.

    Hope someone out there has a bit bit more savvy than me.

    Thanks in advance :D
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    ok. what kind of firewall r u running? Like Norton or Zone Alarm. Second depending on the brand of firewall but I've used both Norton and Zone Alarm and genarally with Zone Alarm anytime I luanched say Internet Explorer it would pop-up a message saying do u want to allow this program to access the internet and there was also the choice to make it default for the program. Norton and Zone Alarm I think of a wizard that will scan the system for anything that need's net access and then u can change the settings it asigns later.
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    we need more info to answer your question. hardware or software firewall?