Firewall & tv conflict

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by brickcounter, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. brickcounter

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    The McAfee firewall v3 installed following switch to broadband, is preventing reception of tv on nova-t pci card, despite setting to "always allow".
    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to configure the network adaptor in the firewall to overcome this problem? If so please tell me the appropriate settings.
    I have a stand alone pc running xp pro, which has a built in firewall. Would I lose much security if I switch to that instead?
    Thanks in anticipation
  2. Iceman

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    you may have to set up a "rule" for that tv card. Try to find out what port the card is using to transmit and receive the tv broadcast and forward that port or port range through the firewall. Look for instructions in the help file on that firewall for doing this, as each firewall software proggie are a little different on this.

    good luck

    personally myself, I would dump Macafee and use a free firewall like sygate.