Firewall question...Remember Sygate?

Discussion in 'Windows Applications' started by BonyTony, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. BonyTony

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    Well firstly hello, its been a long time since I posted on fact it seems a lifetime ago.

    So i`ve finally moved from XP to Windows 7 and I need to install a firewall but would like one similar to Sygate which is now dead, any suggestions?.

    I like to see what data is being uploaded/downloaded and with a single click.

  2. American Zombie

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    Windows 7 firewall in actually pretty good.
    It can block inbound and outbound traffic.
  3. LordOfLA

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    online armour and comodo are both highly rated.
  4. ApparitionX

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    I use comodo on my personal machines, it's very good, extremely thorough, but it might drive you nuts while it 'learns' your system, so you do have to put some time into configuring it, which could easily be too much for the average ebay user/facebook junkie. Also, pay attention to each install screen, don't just install it with your brain on autopilot, it has optional toolbars & features you may or may not want (likely not).
    Anyway, the end result is a pretty good firewall.
    Firewall Software Download | Free Computer Protection

    The free comodo security suite is pretty decent imo as well.
  5. Perris Calderon

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    I remember sygate and "tiny" firewall, man they were great, if my memory is serving correctly (which doesn't happen too often anymore), I was the person that introduced those firewalls to this board many generations least that's the x-perience I remember

    anyway, I believe most of the firewalls went out of business or became unavailable once we started reading reports that the government wanted a back door to all firewalls

    while that story seemed un-doable it was a little too coincidental that the firewall industry from independent programmers went under right after that
  6. Johnny

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    WIndows firewall is all you need. If you insist on one, the new zone alarm is pretty nice. I never thought I would say that ?