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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by aphexking58, Nov 27, 2002.

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    Can someone please please help me.

    I have been having problems, loads of problems with ntl broadband. I keep losing my lease time. Ntl say is my firewall causing the problems. Ntl say it needs to be configuard.

    I have McAfee version 3.0.

    Can any one help me set this up.

    I keep losing my ip address because my lease time runs out, it is not updating like it should do.

    so can some one tell me how to config the firewall to ntl broadband.



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  3. Henyman

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    sygate could b ur anser as it asks you if u want a certain aplication to be alowed to use a port or conection. in your case you would alow ntl. only prob is it had probs on my computer with muliple user acounts after restarting.
  4. Iceman

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    Henyman, I believe that error was between the chair and the keyboard, because it is on every one of my computers and some have 2 or 3 users and it has no problems.

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    i installed it on my usser name + all worked fine. if e.g my dad or my bro restarted the comp + logged in then it blocked them from the web:p if they restarted + logged me in 1st it was fine:D they got pissed off but i did really like the ease of setup +use