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  1. kevinr

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    OK, need some advice on what product will best block my personal info, stop the pop-up ads & the audio ads, stop intrusion and also not screw with my browser and let me do as i please on the net? is there such a beast out there?
    this is what I have so far..
    tweak xp
    sygate personal firewall pro

    Maybe i have what it takes but it just isnt configured correctly? what are others using that has proven to be good?
  2. TCi

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    I'm jusing Zone Alarm Pro 3.x and it is easy to use and you can block ads and cockies...

    But you must either pay or crack it to use the pro version.

    Also Zone alarm pro is very easy to configure for your needs..
  3. Tabula Rasa

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    Norton Internet Security has an AD blocker, Privecy Control, Norton personall firewall and Norton anti virus in it.
    so i sugest using him.
  4. kevinr

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    I am currently using a trial of sygate personal pro seems pretty good, any thoughts on this? I am looking at the applications that are running and I am not sure what should be there or not..It shows "svchost.exe" like 12 times running? what is this program?
  5. oDin

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    svchost.exe is a legit windows program. svchost stands for service host. basically it runs various network services. if you wan't more info on them check out this site(make with the clicky click).

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    wow you read and understood those forum rules before you posted this nonsense?

    Welcome to doesn't look like your going to be staying very long if you post anything like that in the future, get the picture?

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    I'll do as you command........
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    • Do not post copyrighted material such as retail software, visual themes or other software that requires permission before distribution.
    Warez - is not allowed. This is not a forum on software piracy. This includes ‘keygens’ and 'cracks', how to obtain or install them. "

    Recognize the above?

    Far be it for me to dis a moderator but isn't ICEMAN being a bit harsh on TCi. TCi has merely stated a fact. TCi has not posted copyrighted material or provided any link to a site that offers cracks.
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    you know, we all know the fact that a paid program is free if you crack it...we really don't endorse even the notion that cracks are acceptable on a personal level...I have not one illegal program on my box...we jsut don't even like to discuss stealing, that's all
  10. ZAnwar

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    use Norton Firewall !
  11. Rootz

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    Any good firewall will do for security, my experience advices you to run from zone alarm... you will discover that it often forgets settings at reboot; each time you update your system the same programs (but changed in version) set up to be allowed for connection will be reset to denied... this would teorically be a good thing, but no so good if it paralyzes explorer.exe screwing up all system services.
    Sygate looks like a good prog, I've used it for some times now and it works really smooth.
    Regarding the ads and popup you might like to try some more accurate browser than internet explorer on these matters.
    Opera has a really neat and advanced cookie mantenance and popup ad blocker built in the browser.