Firefox Lost Search Engine/Bookmarks :(!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by apu95, Aug 4, 2006.

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    Yesterday I could use FF ( perfect, all the engines I had added were working and AFAIK, my bookmarks were also there. Today I brought back my laptop from hibernation, and upon starting FF, I noticed that the search engine icon had change. I clicked on the icon, and all the engines were gone! Instead of the icon being the default "G" for Google, all I have no is a little magnifying glass. On top of that, almost all my bookmarks are gone. The toolbar bookmarks are there, and any bookmarks that were stored in a folder as well, but any others that were just placed there without a folder are completely missing.

    I opened FF in Safe Mode and the engines came back, but the bookmarks were still gone :(. I have no idea what to do, I tried reinstalling on top of my current FF installation but it didn't help.

    Any ideas?


    EDIT: Forgot to mention that whenever I open FF, it opens in a non-maximized window instead of the usual maximized one too :(
    EDIT #2: I uninstalled and reinstalled FF, backing up my profile beforehand. I uninstalled from the Control Panel and also erased the folder from the Local Settings folder, and it still doesn't work. What's worse, for some reason my bookmarks toolbar is still there, which it shouldn't because I deleted my profile's folder. I'm even more confused now.
    EDIT #3: I managed to completely uninstall FF, and now the engines are back. I copied back my profile settings that I had backed up, and the problem came back. I'm suspecting it may be one of the extensions I have, but it's weird that one of them started giving me problems now.
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    I'm having the same problem...........eekk.
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    I'm pretty sure you some how got into another profile for firefox. It usually happens when firefox crashes more then once.

    How to get it back, let me search for an answer, I know there is one.
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    According to MozillaZine, You probably may have a corrupt "localstore.rdf" file in the profile folder. These options may or may not work. its worth a shot

    #1) Exit Firefox completely and then start it in safe mode. A window called Firefox Safe Mode with some troubleshooting options will appear. Select the option "Reset toolbars and controls" and choose "Make Changes and Restart".

    #2) Run the error-checking tool chkdsk (Windows 2000, XP) or scandisk (Windows 95, 98, ME) to see if you can recover any file fragments that contain your lost bookmarks. Look for files with names like FILE0001.chk or FILE0002.chk on the root directory (the files may be inside folders named FOUND.000 or similar).

    Open each file in Wordpad or Notepad and, if it contains bookmark data, rename it with an .html extension (for example, rename FILE0001.chk to bookmarks1.html). Finally, import the file using the Mozilla Suite or Firefox Bookmarks Manager.

    hopefully it helps

    just to add MozBackup is a great backup program. :)