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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Utsav Prabhu, Mar 14, 2005.

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    Hi guys
    i need lots of help on my final year project, which i should start sometime next month latest.
    My field is electronics and telecommunications... and i would prefer doing my project on mobile communications... so far, i've not got many ideas... the best one i've got so far is (quoted):

    Practically, a wearable or mobile device would need to synchronise and download information to nodes and devices with more storage capacity wherever possible. This would have to be done in a secure fashion. The project will be to implement this recording and transfer on a handheld device with wireless networking capability. Management of the limited storage capability of the device would be a major aspect of this project.

    if anyone could come up with some good suggestions on either this project, or on any other projects in this field, i'd appreciate it.

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    You mean like a wireless node, a usb key cunningly fashioned into a watch? How incredibly James Bond ;D -- make it kinetic too :)