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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DragonHeart, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. DragonHeart

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    Hi All,

    Just a quick question can anyone recommend any good file security programmes which i could use. All i wish to do it lock certian folders so they cant be accessed or viewed as they contain senstive data, is thier any programmes out thier which would be suitable.

    Also is thier a simple programme or software which will lock the computer while im away from the keys, Ie: where u just need to enter a password before u take control of the desktop again.

    Any help would be apprieciated.

    Many Thx :)
  2. MiseryQv2.0

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    Ahh... The joys of NT...

    If you disable "simple file sharing" you can change the access rights of a folder right from Xp itself...
  3. GoNz0

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    the year 2525
    & pressing the window key & L locks the PC until you enter your login password :D
  4. steveklebs

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    one you disable "simple file sharing" what do you do to change the access?
  5. MiseryQv2.0

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    Right click > properties > security Remove all user names execpt yours and system... Of course you better have a password on your account... Anyone logged in as you has transparent access...
  6. dubster

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    FolderShield is the business mate

    I use a little app called FolderShield. Folder's you add to it literally disappear; can't locate from file searching, dos or anything. It's well under 1 Mb aswell.

    Get it from

    You can make it password protected, or simply setup a hotkey combination to reveal/hide your "sensitive" folders,
    (from your girlfriend!) *grins*

    Hope this is useful to some of you. ENJOY!!!!
  7. steveklebs

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    thanks to everyone... very helpful programs ;)