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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by noah472, Dec 31, 2001.

  1. noah472

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    Anyone know what the password file extensions are in XP?

    Does anyone know any good file extension list sites (got my lazy bones on!;) )

  2. pc_tek

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    if you look at MSCONFIG, SYSTEM.ini tab, [password lists] section... mine still says *.pwl but i ran a search and did not find anything... wierd... must be encrypted somehow.
  3. pc_tek

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    wierd... system.ini says it is in c:\windows\pwls\*.pwl

    but search doesnt find it and there is now pwls folder in windows directory. not a hidden system folder either, i unchecked that in the folder options along with hidden files.

    definately wierd...
  4. pc_tek

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    cool, i would hope they would make it more secure on the NT type platform than they would in 9x platforms.
  5. pc_tek

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    this doesnt really address our questions but is still an interesting read =)


    NOTE: i intentionally left a space after the www. since this forum will shorten long url's
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    Cheers for the info guys... I look forward to finding out more... thankx :)