FIFA 2004 .... officially ruined....

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by razor_ro, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. razor_ro

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    has anyone experienced endless problems in this game even after installing the patch? i used to get really bad frames until i got a script from some other forum that changes rendering issues (or something like that) and i cant configure my buttons,... but my biggest and most annoying problem is that i get absolutely no commentary,.... al the other sound effects work but no commentary.... anyone know how to fix this? i tried lowering my hardware acceleration (tried all settings) and nothing works,.... if anyone has any ideas please let me know,.... thanks.....


    ps... how could EA release a game worse than its last years version? i don't get it :confused:
  2. Electronic Punk

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    alot of reviews say its better...
  3. Nismo83

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    hey.. Razor.. glad u still have some music. I dun even have sound in the game. I dunno what happen. No sound and now i'm playing it like in MUTE mode. However, there is no lagging or anything in the graphic on my pc. Seriously need some help here.

    PS: i've reinstall the sound card driver and the problem still there

    here's my spec

    AMD Athlon XP2600+ (NO o/c) 2.10GHz
    Kingston 1024mb ddr ram (dual ddr 333)
    Gainward 64MB GF2 MX 400
    WD 80GB HDD
    WD 40GB HDD
    Maxtor 40GB HDD
    ASUS 52x24x52 CDRW
    Creative 52x CD ROM
    Creative Audigy DE
    133Mhz ATA Raid card
    56kbps Motorola modem
  4. razor_ro

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    OK, maybe i was too hard on FIFA 2004, the game is actually good, i was expecting alot more tho,....... but maybe thats cause i have no friggen commentary... all the sounds and music work except for the commentary,.... grrrr ...anyone know how to fix that problem? i tried lowering HARDWARE ACCELRATION for the sound and still no go.... any other ideas?

  5. Renegade_Chris

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    Well .... FIFA 2004 is cool ..... if you have an analogue game pad to play it with or one of those PS2 to PC pad converters. With this 'off-the-ball' play they've put in, you dont stand a cat in hell's chance on keys!

    but the graphics are cool! .... and they have done the decent thing and put the powerhouse that is West Ham into the game! :D
  6. razor_ro

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    any way to ....

    For some reason i find my FIFA 2004 a little choppy, no matter what resoultion setting i have it on, it actually runs better at 1280 x 1024 than 1024x768, go figure, anyways what can i do to improve its performance? i heard you can edit some $hit in a local.ini file or another ini file, ... someone let me know pls... thanks


    ps... i also have a Gravis Aftershock joystick and it doesn't detect it properly, anyone know how i can get it to detect properly? thx
  7. Vibe69

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    i dont know mine works fine only it sucks half the teams are missing
  8. _plague

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    all of my **** works fine in fifa2004. its just all in german.