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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by edgarin8, Apr 5, 2002.

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    ok i just installed win xp again, but i couldnt acces some drives because the permissions were set to another user name, therefore i took ownership of the drives,subfolders and files so i could have full control under the new user name, well now i cant install some programs that i had stored in those drives, and i mean only some of them not all, even when they reside in the same folder. My conclusion was that there was a file corruption in some of the programs, so i deleted them and copied them from the cds into the same folders, well, it didnt work, the same result, every time i try to install those programs the installer stops abruptly and quits installing the software. Any ideas????
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    Try logging on in safe mode as the built-in computer administrator account. To do this you need to hold down F8 as the computer boots, then try uninstalling the programs from that acc, and clean up the user accounts you have opened yourself. Then boot up normally and log in as normal.