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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by big mick, Oct 23, 2003.

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    i have two hard drives (40 gig + 120 gig slave) all are dynamic simple drives. but the 40 gig hdd is two partitions boot and storage and are both fat 32 i wasnt to change to ntfs same as the 120 gig hdd, can i do this without losing data as i have lots of files on the smaller drive and could do with out backing up 40 gigs. thanks in advance for any help. mick
  2. Vector_One

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    You can convert to NTFS without losing anything. Just open the command prompt and type:

    CONVERT X: /fs:ntfs

    where X is the drive letter you're converting.
  3. lechtard

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    You could also use Acronis Partition Expert for this .. But the best way to do it would be to use a floppy boot disk and do the dos prompt like mentioned above, then you won't have any probs with files running and such ..
  4. cpugeniusmv

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    as far as i know, neither acronis or partition magic support dynamic disks. so the only way to do it would be with the convert command in the command prompt as previously mentioned.
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    Running CONVERT X: /fs:ntfs on a system drive or a drive that is in use automatically reboots the computer and converts it during boot time, so don't worry about files in use.

  6. Vector_One

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    That's right. There's no need for a bootdisk. You can run this command from the XP command prompt.