Extracting Problems With WinRAR

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by GR-13, Apr 4, 2003.

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    I am having issues trying to extract 50+ files using WinRAR,
    The first time i ran WInRAR i got a error at file 51, this was the only error i got,so i fixed the file and re-ran WinRAR, and i got an error at file 5?? ( never picked that one up first time around!!).
    Now everytime i goto extract the files i get different errors on different files,sometime errors on the same file as before.I used my SVF Checker and all the files i have are NOT Corrupted!! So i do not know why its not extracting.I have the latest Version of WinRAR 3.11, ive fixed a hell of alot of files,tried WinACE,but WinACE didnt even have the file to extract,so all it extracted was the destination folder.I am now at a loose end...Can anyone help??

    I am Running the following

    XP Home +SP1
    KT4 Ultra Mobo latest VIA Hyperion Drivers
    1024 PC2100 DDR Ram ( x2 512mb)
    Radeon 9700 Pro with latest Drivers
    AMD XP 2400 CPU ( NOT overclocked )

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    Try an older version of WinRAR. I'm using WinRAR 3 atm. WOrks like a charm.

    Give UltimateZIP a go if u think WinRAR is the problem.

    UltimateZIP is not as good as WinRAR IMHO as it is slower and the algorithms used are not as efficient plus that nag screen... ugh
  3. zyfos

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    PowerArchiver is pretty good too. I think version 7 is freeware.